We are currently not accepting applications as our wait-list is full.

Frances Gardens is a 36-unit co-op in Sooke, BC, all units are approximately 2,200 square feet and have 3 bedrooms, living space, kitchen and full bath on the upper floor, ground level floor varies from unit to unit.

We are operated by a volunteer board of directors elected by the membership.

We expect members to care for their yards and units and do small repairs.

Applications are open to any family and age; you must be 19 years or older to be the applicant or co-applicant. Here are some key points to consider before applying for membership.

  • Wait is generally long before a unit becomes available. Current members are required to provide 6o days notice and occupancy is generally 30 days after the member leaves.

  • Applications are held for 6 months, if you are interested in reapplying you must notify us by email at [email protected] to provide us with your intent to reapply. After one-year inactive applications are destroyed.

  • When a unit becomes available, you may be contacted for an interview. All references will be checked at this time, proof of income and spay/neuter certificates will also be required. An interview does not mean you have been the successful applicant. A membership committee will hold interviews, report to the board of directors, and a decision will be made. Upon approval of financials you will receive a phone call from the board offering membership. It is a process, please be patient.

  • You must complete the application in full including signatures, and everyone in the household 19 years or older is required to sign the personal protection information statement. If your application is incomplete it is not valid and will be destroyed.

  • Please include with your application a cover letter telling us about your family and why you think you would make a great addition to the Frances Gardens community.



Housing Charge

All Units
$1,279.00 Monthly

Included: water and garbage

Excluded: electricity, cable, wifi